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Welcome to Intentional Worship Leader. This virtual school is all about growing in skill and knowledge of leading people in worship to our God through Jesus Christ. Often times the first thing we think about in worship leadership is musical skill, but there’s so much more beyond the music that needs to be developed if we want to truly lead a group of people in worship. 


I’ve created a progressive 3-part course that will reveal many of the most important secrets I’ve learned over the past 15 plus years of leading worship, reading numerous books, attending countless worship conferences, and graduating from a worship leader school. I think many of us worship leaders need to guard ourselves from “the song” or “the performance” being the end goal. This course is meant to expand what we are striving for when we prepare to lead a congregation in biblical worship.


The first course is foundational to make sure the right pieces are in place before moving on to the next session. It is geared toward the newer worship leader, but is still worth a look even for those who have been leading worship for a while. You’ll learn about developing the right heart and skills to lead others. I’ll share valuable tools and suggestions to help you get organized, and then I’ll give you some tips on how to build relationships with your leadership and your team. The second course is specifically focused on how to build a worshipful atmosphere for congregational gatherings and intentionally lead people on a journey of remembering who God is, what He’s done, and how to respond appropriately as a church. And then the third course builds on the first two courses and gives insight on how to create longevity for yourself as a worship leader and how to build a sustainable worship ministry in your church. 


I’d love to have you join us in this journey of growing in our abilities and effectiveness to be a more intentional worship leader. 

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