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Psalms: Word for word

In 2016 I began to write melodies and music to the words of the Psalms from the Bible word for word. I've stayed consistent using the English Standard Version of the Bible and am continuing to create more. The process has helped me to memorize and meditate on the Psalms in a way deeper way than I've ever experienced. I'll do my best to continue to write, record and upload new ones so you can enjoy the Psalms in a new way too. Let me know if there's any particular Psalms you'd like for me to do next :-)

You can enjoy the first collection of Psalms Word for Word on all streaming music platforms. You can also purchase CD's or digital downloads, video downloads and other merch below.

With the individual song links below you will find lyric videos and chord charts for the Psalm songs I've completed so far.

You don't need special permission to use these Psalm songs or videos at home, schools, churches and anywhere else, but I always appreciate hearing how you are using these for Scripture memorization or anything else. If you'd like to support the ministry, just head over to the SUPPORT page. Thanks!

This collection of Psalms are sung word for word from the English Standard Version of the Bible. They are best enjoyed with a copy of the Scriptures in front of you. As you listen to these songs more and more you’ll begin to memorize the ancient words that have been translated from their original poetic Hebrew language. 


This project was started in 2016 and is likely just the beginning of an ongoing journey of writing music and melodies to God’s Word. For many of us, music has a way of sinking deeper into our souls; and for me, I find it much easier to memorize Scripture when it’s put to music and I can sing along. My hope is that these songs do the same for you, allowing you to soak in God’s word in a fresh, new way.


I’m very thankful for the many people who helped me with this project. When I began to record these songs, James (Mo) Schlittenhart added a ton of extra parts including vocals, guitars, trumpets, organ, and mandolin. Dan Zhang helped out with piano and violin on a few tracks. Emily Weststeyn did a great job with all the female vocal parts. Jackson Reynolds laid down the drums on several of the tracks. Stephi and Connor Kolacki played horns on Psalm 2. Jordan Williams played violin on Psalm 13 and bass on Psalm 23, and Chris Herrington rocked the banjo on Psalm 23. Briana Adams and Wendy Blum helped with vocals on most of the songs on Volume 2. Honestly, all of these musical contributions made the collection much more interesting and enjoyable to listen to. And a special thanks goes to my wife, Sara, who allowed me the grace to spend countless hours writing, recording and mixing this project on and off over the past several years. Thank you!


And thank you for taking the time to listen to this unique project… at least unique for me. It’s been a fun, challenging, and deeply profound blessing to internalize these Psalms by singing them with fresh melodies that are now written on my heart. May these songs be a blessing to you too, all for God’s glory!


~Zac Fitzsimmons

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